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Oriental Cherry insists on the management theory of " Relying on technology and talents and taking innovation as soul". Talents are regarded as foundation of enterprise, competition and development. A pleasant atmosphere has been formed of talent, the post and knowlege-respecting and just competition. Oriental Cherry has attracted lots of telented people with its unique recruiting strategy, wide career development space, excellent growing environment for talented people, effective stimulative system and the enterprise culture of talented people first. There are three points: first, creating excellent development space for talented people--attracting them with careers; second, implementing allocation policies of various special zones in the enterprise--attracting them with payment; third, creating pleasant cultural atmosphere and strengthening constantly internal affinity and agglomeration--attracting them with culture.This is the core orientation of human resource management of the company. In the selection and employment of staff, the company insists on justice, equity and open. Scientific human resource management system has been established in which each able and enterprising staff member can give full play to themselves and realize their ambition.

We encourage and urge each member to guide himself with high expectation, requiring himself with high standards, stimulating himself with challenges and to strive and grow up together with the company.

 We foster first-class staff. They should be confident, self-respecting and self-reliable; honest, practical and concrete; thinking, with thoughts and enterprising.

We advocate country and company coexist, career and family coexist, individual and collectivity coexist, practical and innovative coexist, criticism and self-criticism coexist.

View of talents: He is a talent if he is competent for his post. He is an excellent talent if he can innovate and poineer. Talent is the most precious resource of Oriental Cherry. Lots of talented people are accumulated in Oriental Cherry, including doctors, masters, administration personnel and staff on the front line of production, sales, scientific research and service. They innovate constantly with their own hands and wisdom. Ordinary workers, management, marketing personnel and common scientific research staff are all indispensable talents for constant development of Oriental Cherry.

We hope more people join our career team and pay attention to the development of Oriental Cherry!

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